Welcome to the British Association of Paper Historians.

This is a national association which aims to bring together individuals, companies and institutions with a common interest in the following areas:

  • paper in all its forms and diversity
  • papermaking by hand and machine
  • conservation
  • mill and company histories
  • papermakers, their families and communities
  • machinery manufacture and development
  • watermarks

The British Association of Paper Historians was founded in 1989 after the successful congress of the IPH (International Paper Historians) in Durham and the celebration of 500 years of papermaking in Britain in 1988.

Within these pages you will find details about the association, membership, publications, contact names, information about paper and papermaking, and links to associated sites.

The BAPH is a self financing organisation and as such relies on the income generated from membership subscriptions and sales of its publications.

Latest news

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New Publications
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John Smith, papermaker of East Morton

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