The Quarterly No 99 - Jul 2016

Woodlesford Paper Mill - Howard Benson

A detailed history of a mill that was based around five miles from Leeds, and ran from the 1740s until 1870s.

7 pages, 6 illustrations

My Life in the Photographic Industry: Part 1 - Albert (Jim) Farnley

The author gave a fascinating presentation about his life in the photographic industry at the Spring Meeting in London, March 2010. This article is a very much more detailed reminiscence, and is the first of a two-part series, taking the reader up to 1952. In particular it gives information on a host of small English companies who coated photographic papers and films in the first half of the twentieth century.

6 pages, 4 illustrations

Paper Bag Machines arrive in England - Ulrich Stienecker

A description of the paper bag machines developed by the Davidson family, who ran paper mills and converting companies from the early Victorian era until the early twenty-first century.

5 pages, 5 illustrations

Women Workers in Cornish China Clay Mines: their Employment by Messrs. H. D. Pochin & Co., Ltd., and The North Cornwall China Clay Co., Ltd.

Part of our WWI series. This contemporary article from 1916 describes how female workers had largely taken the places of their male counterparts when the latter were called up for military service.

3 pages, 4 illustrations

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part 29: Tissue Paper and Hygiene Products - Daven Chamberlain

Part 29 of this long-running series describes some hitherto unmentioned test equipment made specifically for the tissue sector. It also shows some of the very unusual apparatus used to assess other paper-based hygiene products, such as diapers (nappies), tampons and incontinence pads.

5.5 pages, 10 illustrations

Artesian Wells for Paper Makers

It is often assumed that paper mills took all their water from rivers, but many relied on bore holes for access to clean water. This article shows a large number of pumps and associated equipment from the nineteenth century used to bore for water.

2 pages, 9 illustrations

British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No 23, 2015 - Daven Chamberlain

Listing of articles concerned with papermaking history and paper conservation published in 2015.

4.5 pages

Addenda to British Bibliography No 21, 2013 - Peter Bower

Update on this bibliography, first published in Quarterly 91.

0.25 page

Addenda to British Bibliography No 22, 2014 - Peter Bower & Daven Chamberlain

Update on this bibliography, first published in Quarterly 95.

0.25 page

The Quarterly Index Nos 93-96 - Terry Wells

The index is arranged in eight categories: Articles by author; Articles by title; Book reviews; General index; Illustrations; Papermakers; Paper mills; Watermarks. The Watermarks index is further divided into those that are illustrated and those that are mentioned in the text.

10.5 pages

The Air Raids on London: Damage to Paper Merchants’ Premises

Part of our WWI series. Reports on the first ten air raids to be made by Germany on London (1915 – 1917) with details of the damage inflicted on paper sites (mainly warehouses).

1.5 pages

Cast Off Paper Machine Felts for Hospital Use

Part of our WWI series. Contemporary report of unusual uses to which old industrial textiles were put.

0.5 page