Objectives of the forum

To collect and preserve memories, general information and archive locations for further research on UK paper-mills that operated during the twentieth century and are now shut.


During the last 20 years a large number of paper, board and pulp mills have closed leaving various levels of information for paper historians and people with interests in these matters such as genealogists. Much of this is in county archives with various levels of cataloguing and very little digitisation. On-line searching for data quickly reveals information is not making its way to the web and with the pressure on libraries the process of improving access will be slow to improve.

Of especial concern is the loss of personal memories which can give first-hand insights that are missing from the written record. This material is the most ephemeral, as family historians will confirm.


We are looking for information on UK paper and board mills from anyone especially those with first hand knowledge. Memories and links to other information sources are especially welcome.
We need moderators as well – if you have and special mill interests and can spare a little time to check postings please let us know and you can be promoted.


Basic information on 100 mills has been added. As this was gleaned from the internet there will be many errors and omissions. Please advise us of what ever you find and corrections will be made.
Most mills that are running are not included – even though most have a distinguished history. Again advise us of a special interest and they can be added.