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13th October 2017 at 12:17 #789

Chris Bennett

In 1970s SANDOZ issued a series of paper samples of interest to their customers

No 26 is a 580mm x 480 mm tissue of approx 9 g/m2 Supporting text:

The sheet of paper opposite comes from the region of Chieng Mai, in the north of Thailand. Papers are made there for the manufacture of umbrellas and parasols which are lacquered and painted.
The process by which this paper is made is very old and similar to that for Nepalese hand-made paper: strips of the inner bark of wild Ficus species are boiled in an alkaline lye of wood ash and defibrillated by beating with a wooden hammer (we have already described this working method in our Message No.21 of January 1968). But, instead of pouring the bast slurry into a mould floating on water, the sheet is formed here by dipping the mould into a tub. As in Nepal, the formed sheet is dried by leaving it on the mould. The mould used today is, however, a modern instrument; it consists of a wide-meshed net of synthetic fibre (similar to a mosquito net) which is fastened to a wooden frame.

Cover and sample – sample is fragile and attached so only small area scanned in attached pdf

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