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28th March 2017 at 09:11 #697

Chris Bennett

Training in the Paper & Board Industry
Industrial Training Boards were part of the long running battle to to try to counteract fears that training in Britain’s industries was inadequate and that companies that invested in training often lost their trainees later to companies that paid higher salaries rather than invest in training.
In 1964 the Labour Government passed the Industrial Training Act and ITBs were set up, containing representatives from management and employees, with the objectives:

‘to enable decisions on the scale of training to be better related to economic needs and technological developments’; to improve the overall quality of industrial training and to establish minimum standards; and
to spread the cost more evenly.

Levies were raised on businesses which were granted back to companies that could demonstrate good training practices. The level of the levy was determined by each specific industry so extent of the system varied widely. Cumbersome systems developed.

In the paper industry training was very also variable. Reeds had a college on the Aylesford SIte where apprentices from papermaking and engineering attended well respected general education and trade classes, leading to City & Guilds Papermaking parts 1 & 2. Apprentices were recruited for papermaking and engineering disciplines.

Other companies may have had equivalents.

Academic bodies ran courses well covered on the PITA site:

The 1982 Industrial Training Act largely removed the Industrial Training Board structure.

Attached is the ITB guide-book for Paper Technologists.

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